Saturday, February 11, 2017

What a Racket!

Wedgwood has a habit of rattling the water bottle as it starts to get low.  Which is perfect if I've forgotten to refill it.  She rattles it a certain way; the mostly empty bottle has a distinct sound.

But on Wednesday morning I heard another kind of clunk.  I came over to find Wedgwood worrying a full water bottle.  I had filled it just the night before.  The end of the water bottle was flat against the side of the cage, so I thought she was trying to get to the water.  I turned the water bottle, walked away.  Five minutes later I hear <rattle> <rattle> <rattle>.

I walk over to investigate.  Sure enough, the bottle is all turned around and Wedgie is chewing on the side of the tube.  What's up little pig?  I turn the bottle around and walk away.  <clunk> <clunk> <clunk>

At this point, I'm suspicious.  So now I grab the camera and start filming.

The first time I spooked Wedgie, but my second attempt shows she was not having problems drinking from the bottle.  For whatever reason she was interested in chewing the metal tube.  Why?  Who knows.  Pig logic.  It appears it was a Wednesday morning attempt to drive me nuts.  She hasn't done it again.   Mission accomplished?

Well, maybe hassling Mama wasn't enough.  Rob awoke early on Friday morning to a noise that sounded as if the refrigerator was dying.  When he headed towards the kitchen, he realized the squeaking originated from the living room.  I laughed when he told me.  The first time I ever heard a guinea pig "chirp" was at 3 am, and I also thought it was a malfunctioning fridge.  Rob was lucky - it took me three nights of rolling out of bed to identify it.  (I got suspicious when the noise always abruptly stopped the moment I stepped on a creaky stair.)

So it appears I once again have an elusive chirping guinea pig (which sounds like this).  We're guessing it's Wedgwood, since I haven't heard a chirp since 2012.  I wonder what noises Wedgie will make next?

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  1. I see what you mean about similarities between your pigs and my goats! If you ever decide to get a little cavycam that you can watch on your laptop, it may pay for itself in entertainment value. And you may discover lot of behaviors that you didn't expect. I'm not saying the reasons for the behaviors will be any clearer though ;)


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