Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Leafy Progress

I'm sewing.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me.  It's been over a month since I've sat at my sewing machine.

There was a bit of a delay this weekend.  I fussed over my machine:  cleaned and oiled it, then repainted the stitch length numbers on the plate.  I was tired of looking for the flashlight every time I needed to adjust the stitches.  See those numbers?  Now I can, too.  What a wondrous thing!

I also spent a bit time cleaning out and refilling a little old oil dropper.  Much more precise than the bottle my Singer oil came in.  I actually oiled what I was supposed to.  What a concept!

Frankentree (Did I pin it enough?)
Once everything was in order, I started sewing.  Having the 15-91 in the cabinet is great, but there are two drawbacks.  First, there's an opening to the right of the machine, where I swear my pins just line up to jump through.  Geronimo!  I may need to line the edge with magnets to save me searching for pins on the floor.  Second is that the bottom of the machine is not enclosed.  So if when I seat the bobbin improperly and it pops out (I'm used to a drop-in bobbin, not the side-loading snap-in case), I end up on my hands and knees chasing bobbin and thread into some dusty corner.  I need to learn how to snap that thing in correctly.  Or maybe make a safety net?  Either way, I'm seeing way more of the floor than I really want to.

But look!  I have the trunk and half the leaves stitched down.  I'm loving how this is shaping up.  It's amazing how different it looks between being pinned and stitched.  If I were to make another tree, I think I'd make the leaves as complete pieces, then tack them down.  The 3D effect is pretty cool.

I hope to have the leaves done by Friday.  I should be quilting and binding this weekend.

As I'm working on this, I am also planning a baby quilt.  I've switched patterns and am currently picking fabrics.  It's causing a dilemma I've never had before.  In the past I'd have no choice but to purchase the necessary yardage for a project like this.  But now I actually have a tiny stash.  Goodness - do I make the quilt with what I have, or buy specific fabric?  I can hear the laughter from established quilters:  why on Earth would you pass up an excuse to buy more material?!?

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