Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wedgwood's Gotcha Day

Photo by Salem Pet Photo
It was one year ago today that stormy little(?) Wedgwood blew into our lives.  On the surface she was just what I was looking for:  a mature sow to keep Boadicea from getting bored.  The added bonus -  she was my favorite color of agouti grey and white.  She's ridiculously cute with her long pointed nose.

Wedgwood was not quite what we expected, as we've discovered over the last year.  She doesn't wheek, she whines.  She's relaxed when being held but OMG, don't pick her up!  She wants all of the food and none of the affection.  She's one of the meaner butt-headed pigs I've had in dealing with other pigs.  Yet she's the absolutely the gentlest pig I've had when handled by humans.  She wants to be near Boadicea all the time and doesn't like to be separated for long (even when she's picking on Boadi).  I suspect a lot of her quirks is from living years in two different households without guinea pig company.

Even with the ups and downs, Wedgie has been an entertaining addition to the household.  Her antics make us laugh.  Boadi does more exploring during floor time with a friend; she's more engaged than she was when living alone.  In turn, Wedg has learned to relax in her new home.  She often sleeps in the open; she doesn't run to hide when people walk by (although she's still inclined to bolt when on the floor).  Although she's not fond of having me reach in and pat her, I think she's decided it's a small price to pay for landing such a cushy home.

Yeah, life is good.  Happy Gotcha Day, Wedg.


  1. gotcha day! Now come train this puppy for me. I'm bitten to bits.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! She sure is a beauty!

  3. I'm so glad Wedgie and Boadi are comfortable (at least comfortable enough!) companions. I know very well how anxiety-producing these decisions can be...there's a reason I privately call my place The Cloud Harvest Cashmere Social Club!

  4. She's so pretty! So interesting to read about their different personalities! I find that fascinating in animals.

  5. She is sweet and you are so right...she has landed in a cushy place. Lucky little Wedgie!


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