Thursday, May 4, 2017

I Like Thursday: Spring and Scraps

Spring has sprung.  Huzzah.  The green and flowers are making me happy.  A little warmth, lots of new growth.  I'll even deal with the pollen.

I like the little purple flowers that are growing up between the stones in my front yard.  I've never noticed them in prior years.  They're really pretty.

I like little red squirrels.  Well... right up until they invade the attic or otherwise make a huge nuisance of themselves.  But until then they're darned cute.  This one tried desperately to get into the big feeder out back, then discovered he could get on the window feeder.  Cheeky fellow ignored me, even with the camera just about touching the glass.  It took tapping the window before he bailed in a spray of sunflower seed.

I like the vintage mug rugs I made to go with the shopping bags (I don't think I've had a chance to post these photos).  The recipients liked these as much as the bags.

I like my finished wall hanging and knot bags from my inspired insanity over the weekend.

I like the new strip blocks I'm working on.  These are made from the vintage pastel fabrics I picked up at March's Tea (same stash as the mug rugs above).  I'm planning to do a variety of strip block quilts.  They won't be stunning designs as the fabrics have very similar contrast.  But I think they'll be soothing.

I like lounging guinea pigs.  I found Wedgwood nesting again.  I also saw Boadicea and Wedgwood sleeping nose to nose one afternoon, before I disturbed them with the camera.  Sorry, gals.

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  1. Squirrels! I need to write a blog post about my many attempts to limit the amount of birdseed the grey squirrels feast on here :) And I've been meaning to make some of those handy knot bags for ages...if I was smart, I'd buy one of yours instead!! But then what would I do with all that fabric I've been saving "to make bags with"? LOL!

  2. pesky squirrels. Those are violets... so pretty in spring but weed like the rest of summer. They always sounded so romantic to me. So good that the girls are bonded isn't it?

  3. I like the word "Huzzah!" It's old fashioned, but so happy! Looks like you've been having fun creating - I love those times. We have squirrel wars at our house; every time my hubby figures out a way to deter them, they find a way around it! Really, they are endlessly entertaining!

  4. I gave up on my window feeder because the squirrels kept knocking it down. They would run up the chimney, then jump about 4 feet on top of the feeder, knocking it down.
    I have purple and white violets everywhere and LeeAnna is right, they become downright invasive. But they are bright and cheerful in the spring.

  5. We have cardinals and blue jays in the garden and I love your feathers. I think your little flower is called dog violets and they range from blues to violets, really pretty in the wild. If only you could corral them to one spot. Yes the squirrels...we have feeders that are squirrel proof but they still gather a lot of seeds from the ground and we have the black, gray and red squirrels...a perpetual army of them!


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