Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Sewing Insanity

Flange binding, hexies and knot bags
Inspiration sometimes hits like a tidal wave.  I get swept away - physically trying to keep up with what my mind is designing.  It happened this weekend.  It started innocently enough - the plan was to make a couple more knot bags and perhaps some more strip blocks.  Then another project butted in. 

I had an idea for a wall  hanging on Friday afternoon that simmered overnight.  I woke up the next morning with a firm idea of what I wanted to do.  By 11am I was running between the cutting mat, the sewing machine and the iron.  I pieced together wall hanging blocks until I started going cross-eyed, then switched gears and assembled knot bags for a while.

I briefly came up for air about 3:30 (for a nice dinner out - it forced me to focus on something else), then dove in again for another couple of hours.  I finished the blocks, layered the wall hanging, top-stitched the bags.  Pinning backing/binding to the hexies were icing on the cake.

I spent Sunday morning quilting.  I was going to do something simple, but this pattern looked so awesome on the last feather quilt, I had to do it again.  Technically I picked colors and first designed this on Friday night, but I managed to piece, quilt and bind an 18" square quilt in 26 hours.  Plus the work on two other projects at the same time.


The overwhelming need to create has passed, returning to a slightly more sedate pace.  I'm currently debating taking a day off just to sew.  Whew.

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