Monday, May 8, 2017

Doomed Again

Three years ago I took on a project to split three large acoustical curtains in half.  They are (fondly?) referred to as the Drapes of Doom.  They were heavy and massive.  Unfortunately, my Singer Graduate never recovered from the experience.  Sadness.

But I did... and somehow agreed to work on another eleven drapes.  How did I manage that??  When we hauled them into the house, Rob swears there were thirteen of them.

I picked them up on Friday night.  The drapes filled the trunk and took over half the back seat.  There was just enough space to see out the rear view mirror.  I didn't remove them from the car until Saturday morning during a brief pause of the rain.  We heaped them on the living room floor.  I had Rob take a few goofy pictures; my favorite was my Wicked Witch of the East impression (although I have dirty white socks instead of nifty ruby slippers).

I briefly looked at a few on Sunday.  This bunch doesn't need splitting, they need repairs.  They're nicely labeled what needs to be fixed:  rips, holes, unraveling seams.  At least one of them is a return visitor, I recognized my handiwork.  I'll finish sorting through the pile this week, to make a shopping list.  I suspect I'll need jute webbing and some iron on patches.  The goal is to get as many repaired as I can by the Dawn Dance, which is Memorial Day weekend.  Any bets how many I'll get finished by then?

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  1. I'm overwhelmed just looking at the pictures, but I have no doubt you will motor right through your task!


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