Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Circus and When Guinea Pigs Fly Giveaway

Believe it or not, there was more to Saturday's Pig-a-Palooza than nail clipping.  Really!  Some guinea pigs were lucky enough join the circus.  Salem Pet Photo was there snapping pictures of guinea pigs who had aspirations to be clowns or lion tamers.  Be sure to check out the photos over at The Wheekly.  So much fun!

I was clipping nails between a table with home-made toy demonstrations (which was pretty cool) and When Guinea Pigs Fly.  She has such fun prints.  I visited her table just before the Pig-a-Palooza ended and fell in love with the magnets.  I had to get them.  But look at all the magnets I have on my fridge already!  I certainly don't need any more.  So some lucky winner will receive my impulse purchase.

I am giving away a packet of four button magnets by When Guinea Pigs Fly.  There are four different designs (these are two of them).  To enter the giveaway:  leave a comment telling me how many magnets you have on your fridge. (I think I count 36 on mine, including the magnetized stuff, like clips, photos, notepad, flashlight.)  If you're a no-reply blogger, please include your email address in the comment.  If you can't comment (I am told occasionally that the comments don't work), email me (address is on my About Me tab).  I will pick a winner at random from the comments/emails.

The drawing closes on Tuesday, June 6th at 12pm EDT.  Congrats Jen! 


  1. My fridge is pathetic.. A whopping two magnets, haha.

  2. I have only recently found your blog! I enjoyed the photos you posted the other day, meant to reply, got distracted and then realised I hadn't. Ii used to do similar demonstration days at our local vets. I don't expect to enter the drawing being a new reader and also being in the UK as postage costs can be silly. We currently don't have any magnets on our fridge as we had a puppy who used to try eating them! It is a low fridge... now he is almost grown up, fortunately he doesn't try such tactics anymore.

  3. About 10☺

  4. I have several n piggy pics in frames on my frig n prayer of encouragement
    I have no piggy magnets n these would make me laugh love the pellet one :)

  5. I have a dozen magnets! Would love ❤️ to win the piggy ones!

  6. i have 47 magnets, i had no idea there were so many. 3 piggy magnets, a few random clips, a lot of chicken magnets, a few wolf magnets and some with my kids pictures on them :) theres always room for more piggy magnets :)

  7. I need magnets. My fridge is pretty bare these days - I hate to admit it. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I think we have about 30-35 magnets on our fridge.. most of them are military/firefighter based.


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