Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Songbirds was my insane inspired project.  I love this feather pattern.  When I first bookmarked it, it was a year before I had a chance to make it (Parrot Plumes).  I was excited to do it again.  This one came about in a similar manner:  a gift for someone who made me think of birds.  This time I had the added advantage of printing out the correct sized pattern and knowing the piecing/quilting pitfalls (I avoided most of them).

The recipient is into photography, the outdoors and has several bird feeders in the yard.  No parrots this time around - I was thinking North American songbirds.  A search of the internet produced two feathers I liked: blue jay and cardinal.  I had these colors on hand plus I thought blue jay feathers were interesting.

The feathers went together fairly quickly.  It never fails, I get confused with angles, and there were several strips that had to be ripped out and moved because they came up short.  The quills were leftover sashing from last year's Key West quilt.  I knew it was worth holding onto those long strips of grey!

I auditioned a few different backgrounds, trying to figure out what would allow the white tip of the blue jay feather to show.  Bone worked best.  I picked a flange binding with light colors because it would go on quickly and add some interest on the edge without taking focus away from the feathers.  The quilt was backed with more of the vintage nest fabric - so appropriate with the feathers on the front!  I put pockets on all four corners, so it can be used as a table topper, or hung in any direction.  (It requires a dowel cut to length for hanging - which I didn't do.)

I stopped several times as I worked on this, telling myself I didn't need to get it done by Sunday afternoon, that I could be selfish and keep it for myself, that I didn't need to do the fancy quilting.  And each time I responded:  Nope.  It's getting done in the way it's telling me it should be done and this quilt is not mine.  I'm amazed it came together in just over one day.

Once again there was cloudy weather for my photos (and the sun had been out all morning!).  However, the quilting stands out in any light.  It's a pretty little quilt.  I'm so pleased with it.  (And relieved that this urgent need to create has ebbed.)

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  1. Wow, that is so beautiful - every detail just fits together and works so well! I'll bet the lucky recipient will be delighted :)


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