Monday, August 21, 2017

Border Lines

The shirt fabric played nice once I cut the squares; everything looks relatively straight.  One of the easiest pieced quilt I've had.  Once I completed those last four blocks, everything just lined up - no easing or stretching to get corners to match.  Huzzah!  The back of it frays something awful and my living room was covered with dark threads.  That's the worst I have to say about this quilt.  The fabric is so soft and I'm pleased with the way it looks.

In order to make this a twin quilt, it needs a 9" border.  There's still a bunch of shirt pieces, but not enough to make any more disappearing 9-patch blocks.  So I randomly sewed what was left to incorporate this hodge-podge into the border.  I did something like that on my Key West quilt.

I plan on a thin inner border, a patched middle, and a solid outer.  I have enough of the piecemeal to make it all the way around for a middle border.  I looked at several different widths, but liked 4" the best.  So - 1" inner, then 4", and another 4" of something else - maybe a dark tan (whatever it is, I've got nothing in my stash that would look right).

I'm auditioning the inner border fabric.  It's amazing what I'd think would look good, then when you put it out there, it doesn't.  I was favoring a dark cream, until I actually put it in place.  Right now I'm leaning towards a white (top vertical), a bone (top horizontal), and my current surprise favorite - a small black and white floral print (bottom horizontal).  I didn't even try that one for the first round; I'm not sure what drove me to try it.

This is the idea (white, bone, cream, black and white around the sides and bottom; the carpet for the rest).

I really like how it looks.  It feels wonderful.  This has been a fun project.

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  1. Love your quilt it is coming together nicely. I really should try getting back into quilting again.

  2. Oh wow, love this qiult. The border looks fabulous, Sally. Your choices of plaid fabric are inspired!

  3. This looks just so comfy and cozy--lovely work hugs, Julierose


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