Friday, June 3, 2016

Key West Memories

Bound and labeled.  Key West Memories is done.  It's smooth and flat on the table - I think I can live without the freemotion quilting I had planned.  I really wanted the practice, but I did not like how the single layer of flannel and fabric looked when it was quilted.  Well, there will be other projects to quilt!  Something with a real batted sandwich.

I'm not fond table cloths that barely cover the top of the table (which, unfortunately, is most of the ones I own).  This one has lots of drape!  There's over a foot of overhang on the ends of the table.  Even when I add the leaf, there's still an extra 8-10" on the ends.

This table normally resides in a room with terrible lighting.  Rob was kind enough to help me lug it outside long enough to snap a few photos, then drag it back in again.  Crazy, I know.  Especially after a long day at work.  But it looks so much better in natural light!

This table comes out for big dinners but otherwise resides in the sewing room as a work table.  For now the quilt is on display - I can admire it ever time I walk through my sewing room.  I'm thinking of hitting it with some Scotchguard spray before serving tea on it.  I'm always spilling stuff, so any little thing that would help!  

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  1. It looks great! And I'll bet it brightens up the room with poor lighting, too. Was that all part of your plan? :)


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