Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kripalu Hidden Gems

There's so much to see and do at Kripalu, sometimes it takes more than one post to share it all.

I've been returning to Kripalu for nearly 15 years.  It has changed a lot over that time.  (So have I.)  I had forgotten how much, until I started chatting with an instructor that's been there for 20 years.  Some changes are big, like when the built the Annex.  But a lot of what I find each year are small.  Some of them aren't really new, either, it's just that I haven't stumbled across them in the past.

This year's hike relieved another bridge in the woods.  I love finding these.  I don't recall coming across this Buddha head before, either.  I got a kick out of the chipmunk on top.  He bolted before I could get a better photo.  The lone feather caught my eye as it twisted in the wind.  I'm not sure what it was hanging on - it looked like it was just floating there in the tall grass.  The flat fungus was just cool.  It made me laugh as I recalled a Midsomer Murders episode.  (Oh my - such deliciously morbid thoughts in such a pretty place!)

I have no photos, but I found several small rocks with inspiring/encouraging words outside.  They were tucked in flower pots and around the shrines.  It was like stumbling onto hidden treasure; I kept hoping to find more.

Sunday was rainy, so I did most of my exploration indoors.  The third floor walls used to contain various artwork.  Last year (I think?) they replaced that with a brief history of Swami Kripalu, including a display of his tunic and shoes (larger photo here).  Several of the stairwells have inspirational sayings - the one on happiness spoke to me. (Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Mahatma Gandhi)

I also got a kick out of some of the new restroom signs, especially since there's such a big to-do in the news.

The last bit of oddball amusement was right in our dorm room.  It boasts its own emergency exit.  As I was reading the sign, I noticed the leaves in the door jam.  I went outside and sure enough, the ivy was gravitating towards the door.  No idea what the appeal is, but I wondered how much bigger it needs to get before setting off the alarm.  How long would that take?  And when would anyone notice?  I was impressed it managed to shove it's way through the door.

I know that Kripalu is working its magic when I slow down enough to notice the minutia.

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