Sunday, June 26, 2016

Going in Circles

It's funny.  I had created the free-range ramp in an effort to keep Boadicea from getting bored.  But it was Cannoli that used the ramp constantly when the gate was opened.  Boadi only came out if she thought she was missing out.

Then, when she was by herself, she had little reason to come to the floor.

Nowadays, she mostly comes down for the treats.  As she and Wedgwood continue to get along better, there have been forays to the floor just to explore.  But Boadi knows -  floor time is best when there's goodies.  She can clear the Teach'N'Treat in record time, often before Wedgie even gets near it.  They both take turns with the Egg-cersizer.  Neither of them developed Cannoli's knack of reaching out and dragging it back to the fleece.  Wedg is the only one to go after it if it rolls on the hardwood floor.  I got a laugh the other day when Boadi managed to roll it in a circle.  She had made several laps before I thought to grab the camera.

She was good to go... right up until it rolled off the fleece.  Pushing it again would have just rolled it farther away from the fleece and she wouldn't step onto the hardwood floor to nudge it back.

Easy come, easy go.  She knows I'll eventually pick it up and put it in easy reach.


  1. Ahaha! Once the egg hit the hardwood, it was game over. "I ain't going on the floor!" #SillyPigs


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