Sunday, June 5, 2016

Shades of Bertie

In the weeks before adopting Wedgwood, there had been strange goings on with Boadicea.  First, she took up running laps in the cage in the morning (and occasionally the evening).  It happened most often when the cage was covered - so there's no videos.  But when I caught Boadi doing it, she was very similar to when Bertie bounced around.

Then there was the tunnel.  When Boadicea arrived, the tunnel started moving again.  It was a random occurrence.  While Boadi was alone it happened every night.  I saw her do it only once - she had a similar technique to Bertie.

Boadicea does love hay, but what guinea pig doesn't?  Bertie's beloved hay rack no longer exists, so there's no chance of Boadi snuggling up with that.

However, Boadicea does have lovely straight toes that occasionally remind me of Bertie's star toes.  She doesn't spread them out quite like Bertie did.  Still, they're very pretty.

All in all, it's been a fun trip down memory lane of the great things I loved about Bertie.

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  1. oooo those little star feet! How adorable! Those videos were great... laughed out loud at the antics.


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