Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The piggy politics continue to diminish with Boadicea and Wedgwood.  There's less chasing and snapping and food hording.  There's a marked improvement since the pignic.  Nothing like shared adversity to bring guinea pigs together.

Boadi and Wedgie traveled together in a carrier for the first time to the Boston Pignic.  It was Boadi's first time outside in nearly a year, and likely Wedgie's first time outside ever.  A lot of new stuff, in a new place - they reacted by jamming themselves in a cozy and refusing to come out at the start of the pignic.  Eventually they convinced themselves they weren't going to die and enjoyed they day.

Speaking of the pignic - we had a wonderful photographer, Joey Phoenix from Salem Pet Photo, there that day.  She created a terrific video of the event (in which I can claim my two minutes of fame).

Pretty neat, yes?

Anyway, since the pignic I've noticed a change in Boadicea and Wedgwood's behavior.  I doubt these two will ever be chummy, but they now lounge the same area not far from each other.  They eat hay together and explore the floor at the same time.  Yay!

I felt guilty the first few weeks after Wedgie came home.  Boadicea had seemed relaxed and comfortable as a solo pig.  Then I brought this upstart into our home, jostling Boadi's peace and quiet.  She has since returned to her laid back, loafy state.  She's also doing her little happy dances and other quirky routines that had been absent in the last month.  In addition, she's more active having a buddy.  There really is a difference between a solo pig and one that has a pal, even if the guinea pig seems fine by itself.

In turn, Wedgwood is adapting really well:  she's learned the feeding routine, figured out how to play with the toys.  She enjoys the free range, which has been a bit problematic.  She doesn't understand the wood floor is supposed to be lava.  Wedg regularly crosses it into the living room where I don't expect her.  When she's exploring it's very difficult to herd her back to the pig-approved areas.  As brave as she is exploring, she panics at the darnedest things, randomly, like when I walk by the cage.  Overall, I'm impressed with how well she's settled in less than six weeks.

I'm happy it's a successful pairing!


  1. I want to come too! What a cool day... good to see and hear you in "person"

  2. Great job on the video! That looks like such a fun event, for people and cavies alike.
    I know just what you mean about the "shared adversity" - I can put two animals together to browse even in a small paddock who I would expect to be at thuggish odds in their regular, more spacious digs amongst the herd. Maybe more little outings would create a real bond between Boadicea and Wedgewood? I can't try that method here; it's too hard to get the goats into the car ;)


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