Monday, October 2, 2017

Making Rounds

Boadicea continues not to feel well.  Her attitude remains fairly bright, but her weight is low.

Sometimes I put Boadi on the floor after giving her the morning medication.  Usually she heads straight home.  Lately she spends several minutes checking out the nooks and crannies of the living room, ranging far wider than usual.  This last time she spent several minutes checking out the door to the deck.  She's also been attracted to my desk.  I have to shoo her away from all the wiring in the area.  Too much temptation for her!

She also follows me around the room.  It's pretty charming.  This day I had to herd her back to the ramp - I needed to get back to work.

Boadicea was rechecked at the vet last week.  There was more sludge, which made everyone unhappy.  Wedgwood was inspected by the vet, too.  The silly pig took a flying leap off the couch; we suspected she landed badly.  Wedge had been randomly crying and I wanted to make sure we weren't overlooking something serious.  The vet determined Wedg's right shoulder was sore and was told no more high jumps for her.


  1. Poor babies aren't having the best time of it right not. I hope Bodie gets her sludge problem under control, and Wedgewood has learned a valuable lesson <3

  2. These guinea pigs seem to like to try out their flying abilities don't they?!

    Sorry to hear Boadie is still unwell, glad she is still currently holding her own though. Lovely to see her going for a wander.

  3. How sweet your Boadicea and Wedgewood are. I hope they are both 'tearing' around very soon.

  4. Cole had sludge. We put him on the gall bladder meds, human grade, and it corrected, but he needed the meds sporadically. Wedgie... no Circue du Soleil for you girlie


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