Thursday, October 26, 2017

I Like Thursday: Dancing and Day Off

This is what I looked like for most of Sunday,
which is why I took Monday off
I had an up and down week last week (and didn't get a chance to do my I Like post).  But this week has been going better.

I like having a day off, which I did this Monday.  Slept in late, had a leisurely breakfast, am writing this post.  I will get to putter and sew and write some more and walk.  I took the day off because I lost the weekend to my next like...

I like contra dancing (as I've said before).  I really like the Fall Ball, which is a 12 hour dance, running from noon to midnight.  Four bands and callers, each play most of a 3-hour set.  I made it until 9pm before calling it quits.  I think I missed only two dances out of the three sets I attended, and my fitbit says I did more than 17 miles.  I'd believe it!  My calves are still hurting.  And that's why a good portion of Sunday was spent on the couch.  Totally worth it.

The music was fantastic; the callers called some terrific dances.  I was too busy dancing to take photos (some that others took are here), but I did shoot a quick video of Wild Asparagus warming up before the second set:

It was a two hour drive to Peterborough for the dance.  I had had my car in the shop just a few days before because of a check-engine light and a sudden drop in fuel efficiency.  They had to keep it two days because of the repairs (timing, parts).  But I like that I got my car fixed - the gas mileage rocked during that trip (it was reading 39mpg when I got home).  Huzzah for a fixed car!  (And it wasn't a terribly expensive fix.)

I like the changing season.  The drive to Peterborough was a beautiful drive of sunshine and the beginnings of fall foliage.  The trees are starting to turn here, too.  I love the sunlight on the golds and reds.  There's still a lot of green, although a few trees have dropped their leaves entirely.  I managed a short walk on Sunday in the warm sunny weather (just to try and stretch my legs... ouch).

I like the green and brown of the praying mantis hanging out on my deck.  He was huge!

I like the progress on Mom's quilt.  Just finished up checkerboard pieces.  I'm on to the last block pieces before assembling the blocks.

I'm happy to be participating again in LeeAnna's I Like Thursday.  If you get a chance, take a look at the other likes from all over.


  1. I enjoy your contra dancing stories. How fun but quite a work out! The changing trees are so pretty. mary in Az

  2. My that dancing sounds like a real work out but so much fun for you. Your quilt is coming along nicely and thanks for showing the praying mantis. I've not seen one.

  3. Hi Sally,
    WOWOWOWOW!!! That is a lot of dancing. Holy moly. I am so glad you had fun though - 17 miles of fun is just fabulous. Eek on the praying mantis - those are some LONG legs. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. That is really something that you danced for 17 miles - wowie!!! I went over and looked at your post about your mom's quilt, and it looks like it will be really pretty! Hooray for progress!

  5. I am not sure what type of dancing it is, but it certainly sounds exhausting. How is your girl after losing her friend? She certainly looks snug.

  6. I had to go look up what Contra Dancing was. Looks like fun. That is a huge praying mantis.

  7. I remember going out dancing one night, staying out till almost 2 in the morning and crashing dead most of the next day. When I checked my phone bleary eyed late the following day I was surprised to see it showed I had made over my 10,000 steps only to belatedly realize it was counting those hours from midnight to 2AM. Sounds like you really had fun though! Hope you're catching up!

  8. Here's an old time Contra Dance trick to loosen up those calves easier. try twirling in the direction you don't normally go. If you twirl to the right, twirl to the left every once in a while and vice versa. It loosens up your calves. Practice at home first, it's easy to get off balance if you're not twirling in your usual direction. Helped me "unwind" my calf muscles all the time.

  9. Well that sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Enjoy enjoy!


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