Sunday, October 22, 2017

Past Pignics: Several Pretty Pigs

<gasp> It's a pignic!
The Boston Pignics have been around since 2003.  (Gads - really has it been that long?)  Which is several years before I started blogging.  While digging through old photos, I thought it might be fun to post some from the early years.

These are some of my favorite pigs pictures prior to 2010.  A few photos had the pig's name on it - I've named those and any others I can remember.  It's funny how many pigs I can still match with their human (but don't ask me to remember their human's name!).

Guinea pigs come in so many colors and fur types.  I recall the Fabio orange pig (alas, no name) belonged to a large herd of pigs.  The short haired sleepy pig in the grass was Wheatie; she came to several pignics.  I love the colors of her coat.

The grey and white one is Simon.  He came for a few years, as did the pair in the next picture.  The creamsicle colored one's head tilt never slowed her down.  The handsome long-haired pig was named Wally.  What a face!

Nothing produces dopey faces faster than putting a guinea pig on the scale.  Pigs in bowls!  I think those first two were prize winners for biggest and smallest pigs:  Ginger and Snowball.  Look at those sticky-uppy ears!

The fluffy one is Jolie; she came to lots of pignics.  The last one's name I don't recall, but just look at that stink-eye.  Not amused at being weighed - who are you calling tubby?

One last set of singles (because it was so hard to only pick a few photos!).  Jolie again, getting chin rubs from her beloved human.  And one of mine!  I had forgotten to bring the hidey house, so I tipped the carrier upside down.  That's Willow peaking from the shadows.

The last two are Lenny and Winnie.  Lenny was a hit at the pignic he came to (he'll appear again in a future post).  He was loafy and lovable and easy to handle (what pig is this relaxed when getting nails clipped?).  The wuzzy orange and white pig is Winnie; she goes way back to the very first pignics!  Both were oh, so squeezable.

So many pretty pigs!  You can see why the pignic has been popular over the years.


  1. What fun you must all have, and some wonderful memories with those photos of gorgeous piggies.

  2. I have never heard of a "pignic", what fun. There are some beauties there. The long haired guinea pigs are amazing and your Willow is so sweet peeking from under the carrier. There are so many different colours, all so cute.

  3. This'll was fun to read and see. And thanks for identifying your friends. The names are great.

  4. There's my beautiful girl Wheatie in the upper right of first photo. Her tricolor roan coloration was quite distinctive. She was a great pig!

  5. Wheatie's color(s) remind me of my kitty Della - I think of it as my favorite licorice allsort; the black, brown, and cream stack :) And my goodness, that Ginger! A round loaf!
    Great pictures, Sally!


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