Thursday, October 5, 2017

I Like Thursday: October Already?

I like the cooler weather.  Unfortunately I haven't been out walking much - work, cooking, errands have been getting in the way.

But the cool, dry weather means my Singer Graduate shouldn't lock up and jump the feed dog gears.  Yay.  So in between piecing Mom's quilt I'm making coil bowls from the leftover dress fabric.  It requires a machine that does zig-zag - thus pulling the Graduate out of mothballs.  Turns out the dress fabric is heavier than the rayon I've used on past bowls, so it's proving difficult to work with.  Why am I not surprised?  But this is the last of that fabric - so happy dance! 

I like the mini s'mores.  Another box of graham crackers gone!  These did not look as nice as the photo on the recipe.  Mine took twice as much Fluff, half as much chocolate ganache and were lopsided and sticky.  There was marshmallow everywhere!  Made me feel like a Pinterest fail (although they weren't bad tasting and don't look that bad).  I brought these to a recent contra dance and most of them went!

I bought a big bag of parsley at Atlantic Spice because at the time they didn't sell the small packages (and the 8oz bag was still a lot cheaper than buying a normal container at the grocery store).  But I realized the other day that I would never use it all.  So I repackaged it into little Ziploc bags (and was told they looked like dime bags).

I  brought them to the same dance as the mini s'mores and left them at a table with a sign that said:  "It's really parsley, man."  I like (and am amused) that the ten little baggies all went.

I like our homemade tomato sauce.  This pan started out as nearly twenty pounds of tomatoes, a clove of garlic and a handful of fresh basil leaves.  Roasted, then a run through the food mill, we canned four pints of sauce.  Yum!

I like my raffle prize that arrived last night from Quilters Candy Box.  The seal on it said:  Yay! It's finally here!  Which is exactly what I said when Rob brought it in.

Pretty cool - redacted socks, molasses cookies, a bias tape maker, washi tape, a tin of purple buttons, a bundle of fat quarters, a pattern, and a mug that says Creative Juice.  Perfect for a tea mug.  I had to google what washi tape was - never heard of it or seen it.  One of the fat quarters had Morse code on it that I translated to to the moon and back.  Neat!

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  1. Great likes! Those s'mores look scrumptious!!! Your bowl is fab! Love the colors! Have a great week!

  2. I would have sneaked back and eaten most of the smores. Dime bag... snicker. So 5 lbs tomatoes make one pint... amazing no wonder it tastes so good. Betcha the roasting makes it sweeter. Do you peel before roasting?

  3. Your parsley story is so funny- as someone without much knowledge, they do sort of look like dime bags! But it reminds me of my mother who got so upset by the cost of poppyseeds that she bought a giant bag of them at sams. After a similar period of time she realized she'd never use them and gave a huge chunk to my sister and I. I make a few things with poppy seeds, but I think I probably have enough to last a lifetime all the same!

  4. Hi Sally,
    YUM to the s'mores and the tomatoes. The Quilters Candy Box looks like it has lots of goodies in it. I have no idea what washi tape is, so now I'll have to Google it myself. Morse Code fabric - how cool is that?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. The mini s'mores look yummy and so does the roasted tomato sauce! What a fun prize you got, and what did you figure out about washi tape? I've heard of it, but never knew where you could actually get it!

  6. Happy dance indeed! Loving this fabric bowl. Love the colours. The quilters candy box is brimming with goodies, isn't it. Your tomato sauce looks yum. 4 pints of sauce....excellent. Those mini s'mores look rather delish as well.


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