Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More Bowls and Bags

My 2016 goal is to get rid of fabric that has been sitting around for years.  I got a jump start over the holidays, doggedly working through my stash.  My first focus has been on the coil bowls.  My chunks of rayon, lining material and knit fabrics are gone.  There's a few scraps left; I need a bit more clothesline to finish them.

My mother snagged my absolute favorite bowl when I saw her at Christmas.  I was sad to see it go - I considered keeping it for myself.  But I'm glad she has it.

The bowls made with the leftover lining-material are pretty.  I wasn't sure how they'd look; I like the sheen.  The rayon bowls were my favorite to sew and looked great.  The knit bowls were soft and slightly fuzzy, but my sewing machine was determined to skip stitches when I sewed it, no matter what needle I tried.  Ugh.  (Although two smaller ones stitched up better with a different thread.)

I also made a few more shopping bags.  My aunt and I selected the fabric especially for my mom when I went on my fabric spree two weeks ago.  I thought it was pretty, but wow!  The finished bags are stunning.  I misremembered how many yards I needed with 54" width, so I managed to squeak out three bags in what I original thought was yardage for two.  Coolness.

Next up are some pouches and shoe bags from leftover corduroy and fleeced satin.  That will use up almost all of my remaining clothing fabric.  My home decor stash is up next.  Those pieces are small or in strips, which is presenting a challenge.  I have some ideas... we'll see how it goes!

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  1. Love your fabric bowls! Don't seem to have that on my to do list, but I am going to make the 'microwave fabric bowls' since I found out they work well!
    Love shopping bags!!

  2. I am desperate to find the time to make some bags....love yours! Just great!

  3. I have a bowl in the works....for the last year or so! oye!


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