Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seesaw Weights

It's been over a year since I last posted a chart of my pigs' weights.  In fact, the last chart was with Pinniped and Cannoli.  New pigs and, sadly, a new swap in weight.  Just like my prior chart, it's not really the trending I wanted to see.  This time Cannoli's weight was the one to drop.

Cannoli evened out from her post-Pinniped porkiness after meeting Boadicea.  But then she nose-dived over the summer.  It's frightening how much weight Noli lost due to her overactive thyroid.  She's back to the weight she was when we adopted her.  She stabilized in the last couple of months, but I wish she had more meat on those bones.

Boadicea, in the meantime, has been helping herself to whatever Noli hasn't been eating.  She's gotten used to the good life and it shows.  I was told when I adopted Boadi that she was a little overweight -- I haven't helped with that!

The chart shows the importance of weighing guinea pigs on a regular basis.  It's easy to forget a guinea pig's size over the course of a few months, let alone a year ago.  Knowing a guinea pig's normal weight fluctuation is useful in tracking their overall health.  A significant change in weight (90g/3oz or more) is often the earliest indication something is wrong.

Guinea Lynx : Weigh Weekly! is a great place to start reading about weighing and recording your guinea pig's weight.


  1. Sorry to see Boadicea's not-so-good trend :(

    This makes me feel like my pigs are fat! The vet always gives them a clean bill of health but 2 of the 3 are 1150-1250. The third is 1450 but she's part cuy and is long and dense.

    1. I have certainly had larger pigs than these two. Pinniped was a moose in her heaviest days (was also around 1400g). Most of them looked best in the 1000 - 1100g range. Pinni and Bertie had a bigger bone structure than either Boadicea or Cannoli. Regardless, I like my pigs on the slightly loafy side. :-)

  2. I don't imagine you can tell much by looking. Cole is a string bean compared to my lab. I feel bones but poodles are naturally thin I think. Sometimes I try to entice him to eat. LeeAnna


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