Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Bunch of Baskets

I now have another, smaller, fistful of leftovers - this time it's home decor and denim scraps.  Not only did I wipe out my old chunks of fabric, I used up nearly all of the two yards of purple flower fabric my mother gave me.  It was too light to make shopping bags out of, but too heavy to quilt with.  However, it made wonderful lining for these.  Huzzah!

Now there's lots of room in my fabric drawer.  Which, of course, I've already filled with quilting fabrics.  Plus it feels good to have done something with this old fabric.  Out with the old, in with the new.

Turns out I had enough material to make five baskets.  Wow!  The second and third baskets looked so good, I couldn't leave the first basket alone.  I pulled it apart enough to cut down and reattach the handles.  Yeah, that feels better.

I changed the layout for last two baskets since all I had left was strings, selvages and scraps.  I had planned to run the the strings straight across, but was inspired to stitch them on the diagonal.  I love how it looked.  Then I got confused when I assembled it:  I sewed the piece together sideways.  The basket is longer and shorter than the others.  Bah!  That's not what I wanted!

And why goof up once when you can do it twice?  I scrapped together the last basket at the same time, also piecing it on the diagonal.  Likewise, I sewed it up sideways!  I didn't discover the mix-up until after I had already boxed and cut the corners.  Ugh.

Still, they look pretty good.  The longer sides made them a bit floppy, so I crimped and stitched the upper corners, which helps the basket stay open.  The row of squares helped me orient the first three baskets - I made notes on my instructions in case I do this diagonal thing again.  I need to remember which side is up.

Linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday (even though it's Sunday).  I delayed to show off all the baskets!

Scraptastic Tuesday


  1. I love the variety and I'm sure they will all be useful and pretty of course! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  2. Beautiful baskets and the rectangle ones are so cute!!

  3. Great projects and use of that fabric. I think the last two turned out just fine!


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