Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pouches and Baskets

A fistful of fabric
My old fabric purge continues.

All that is left of my clothing material is a fistful of scraps.  I now have the dilemma of what to do with that little pile of pieces that aren't quite small enough to just throw out.

I made one more clothesline bowl, but the majority of this fabric went into drawstring bags.  I made over a dozen little 5" pouches.  My local library is having jewelry sale next month and these may make nice bags to go with the jewelry.  I'll see if they'd like them.  The ice blue and raspberry colors keep making me think of Frozen.

Three other bags are big enough to be used as shoe bags (which I plan to offer to my Contra dancing friends).

Now I'm moving on to the leftover home decor fabric.  I'm making baskets with them, similar to ones I've made in the past.  I resized the pattern I've been using for 4" squares.  I also bought some heavyweight interfacing to add with the batting.  The 3" version I made was rather floppy.  This one keeps it's shape a lot better. 

Shoe bags and a basket

I really like how it looks - my couch fabric and the material from several different shopping bags and totes all go together!  I hate the handles, though.  They're too long - even after I cut 2" off of each of them.  But I don't dislike the handles enough to rip the basket apart and shorten them again.

I have pieces cut for one more basket with 4" squares (I think I overcompensated and the handles will be too short!), then one with 3" squares.  At that point only selvages and odd-shaped pieces will remain.  Maybe a selvages/string basket?  I wonder if it would look better horizontally or vertically?  Ooh - maybe diagonally?  Then, perhaps, a crazy-quilt basket.  We'll see what inspires me when I finish sewing the ones I have cut.

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