Friday, February 24, 2012

Back to the Rack

Bummed out Bertie
Hay consumption has been tapering off a bit and I think the culprit is Bertie's love affair with the hay rack.  Pinni has pretty much stopped eating from the hay rack and only eats the hay in the paper tube I leave on the third level.  Besides, I worry that Bertie will injure herself bailing out of that rack.

I was reluctant to cut it down, so I covered it over with an extra piece of coroplast.  This lasted for a day or two before I removed the rack from the wall.  I was afraid she'd be crazy enough to try and climb on it even with the barrier.  Poor Bertie.  First she was confused by having a hay rack she couldn't climb into.  Then worse, the whole rack disappeared!  The tissue box filled with hay is nice, but it's not really the same.

I have come up with some ideas how to keep Bertie out of the hay rack on a more permanent basis.  I'll need a bit if time to construct and test it.  If this doesn't work, I may need to consider building a vertical rack.

For those of you keeping score:  Bertie - 3, Me - 2.  That little pig still has the better of me when it comes to that hay rack.

Meanwhile, Pinniped is going for the prize of Goofiest Guinea Pig.  Evidently sleeping in the hammock with various body parts hanging out wasn't enough.  Now she's managed to stick out both hind feet and a nipple while relaxing in the hammock.  Let me tell you, I'm impressed.  If she had that much hanging over the edge, shouldn't the rest slide out?  But Pinni was stuck to that fleece like a burr.  She wasn't going anywhere.


  1. Pinniped is certainly a character. Luckily she has a cozy underneath to cushion her if she were to stretch a little too far and slide off!

  2. what is it about our pets that they can always outsmart us, or is it that we love them so much that we just dont mind.

    Love the picture of Pinniped in the hammock, she looks so cozy. Did you make the hammock?


    1. Those rodents keep me on my toes. They do make me laugh.

      Yes, I made the hammock. I wrote up some rough instructions on how I made it:


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