Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Master Slacker

Whenever Pinniped is in the hammock, it seems that one body part or another hangs out over the edge.  Usually, it's her voluptuous behind.  However, last weekend she decided to do the saxy-leg thing.  Or maybe she was telling Bertie to smell her feet.  I wish the sunlight and shadowing weren't so harsh, but I'm thrilled I snapped the photo before she tucked her foot back in.

It has been suggested that I'm at fault for bits and pieces of Pinni hanging out because I have made the hammocks too small.  I respectfully disagree.  There are a few different sized hammocks for the cage and I have witnessed the Pinni-overhang in all of them.  I believe she just enjoys letting it all hang out when she sacks out.

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  1. Great picture! I agree, it does look as if she simply enjoys dangling parts in midair.


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