Friday, February 10, 2012

Laptop Bag

It's finished!  I may want to put velcro or some kind of snap on the flap.  Or not.  I'm trying to think of what would work best.

Isn't it festive?  Or loud.  Take your pick.  Regardless, it's hard to miss.  I won't be mixing it up with any other laptop bag on a family trip.

Finishing the bag wasn't quite as easy as sewing the first half.  I pulled apart the handles on the front, added in the pocket, and put the handles back on.  I cut out some new fabric to attach the lining.  At one point, the top of the bag was too small for the laptop to go in!  Ack!  I had the right idea, but bad implementation.

I also discovered a few pieces had been cut following the outside measurements, when they should have conformed to the inside dimensions.  At least that was easy to solve by lopping off an inch here and there.  After ripping out a seam or two and a bit of trimming, everything went together pretty well.  Once it was all together, I tacked the lining in several places to keep it from shifting.  The laptop fits perfectly.  Huzzah!

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