Friday, February 17, 2012

Hanging Out

The girls spent much of the weekend demonstrating how to properly hang out.

Bertie has practically glued herself to that hay rack, now that she's rediscovered how to get into it.  Nearly every time I walked by, there she was.  I swear she gets out only to pee, drink water, beg for treats and run a few laps around the cage. 

On Saturday I stuffed the hay rack with a big handful of hay, figuring that Bertie would need to eat it before she could get in.  That determined little rodent still managed to stuff herself into the rack, although her feet kept slipping out.  There wasn't quite enough room for all of her with all that hay.

The only thing that can keep Bertie out of the hay rack is if Pinniped is in the hammock when she wants to get back in.  A distressed Bertie will circle around the hammock, unable to roust Pinni, and Pinni will blithely ignore her.

And speaking of Pinni in the hammock - I caught her hanging out over the edge again.  Both front paws were sticking out this time.  I think she was offended at me for snapping the pics.  I got a dirty look before she turned her back on me.  Lay off, Mama!


  1. Hilarious pictures, Bertie is one very determined little piggy! At least she exits to do her business - or maybe she just doesn't want to soil her edible bedding.

    1. She knows if she does, I'll block it off so she can't get in there again. She's no dummy!

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  3. My Penelope and Eleanor always find a way into their hay rack, regardless of all of the redesigns we try. They keep trying to find a way in and we keep trying to find a way to keep them out.


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