Monday, October 15, 2012

Still Life

Are you going to feed me?
Pinniped was being bad the other day, unduly picking on Bertie while she tried to sleep or eat.  I know, it's hard to believe, but it's true.  Pair that fact with a recent viewing of baby guinea pigs in espresso cups, and two thoughts came to mind:
  1. Was Pinni ever small enough, even as a baby, to fit into a cup that size?
  2. Do I have anything in the house big enough to shoot a cute photo of that with Pinni?
I quickly realized that not a single mug in the house was large enough to handle Pinni's ample figure (and we have some pretty big mugs).  I pulled apart my kitchen cupboards, but everything was too small or way too big for what I envisioned.  Then I walked into the living room and came upon a large, beautiful tapered crystal vase.  I could see the bottom of it was wider than Pinni's hips, so I knew she'd be snug, but not uncomfortably constricted in it. 

What happened next was pig torture, pure and simple.  But so is dressing up guinea pigs in costumes at a pignic or or making them deal with enthused little girls.  It's something all guinea pigs endure from time to time.  Besides, Pinni had been so very bad... so my pity for her was somewhat limited.  Into the vase she went.  She appeared far more concerned about the uncontrolled laughter in the room than anything else about her situation.  Once we stopped laughing I carefully tipped the vase on its side, and she came waddling out, expecting a treat for her performance.

Of course, we didn't grab a camera at the time.  We weren't thinking about capturing her goofy reaction when I had pulled out the vase.  So Pinni had to do it again this weekend (although without as much of the disconcerting laughter).  She seemed somewhat bemused at the whole reenactment.  It was clearly not as surprising as the first time in the vase.  In typical Pinni style, the nose went non-stop.  She reminded me of a video of two rabbits in paper cups.

Oddly enough, removing Pinni from the vase the second time bothered her more than being put into it.  She refused to walk out of it, and I had to literally pour her out of vase.  Such a goofy pig.

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  1. What a voluptuous, mischievous rodent. The last set showing her being poured out is hilarious. It seems she was reluctant to leave!


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