Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pinniped in Pyrex

After shooting Still Life, we were curious what other containers Pinniped could fit into.  I plopped her into a Pyrex measuring bowl, in part to determine how much volume Pinni takes up.  As you can see, Pinni is well over four cups of pig.

Then we kept her entertained with bits of treats.  Her handling of a slice of tomato was... well... gross.  Really, Pinni, you can do better than that.  So sloppy.  Look how far she flings those juicy tomato seeds!  On the other hand, look at that little tongue go!  And her nose is all over the place.  That pig is never still.

Since Pinni was so sloppy with the tomato, I tried bits of cranberry and cantaloupe next, which were somewhat tidier.  Cranberry is not her favorite; she flung a piece of that just as far as the tomato seeds!  She had some issue with the melon rind being too big to hang onto and chew at the same time.  I should have given her a smaller piece to wrestle with.

What a stretchy pig she is!  And the last look at the camera makes me chuckle.  I dropped it, Mama.  Now what?


  1. Looks like Pinni is over eight cups worth of hungry rodent!

  2. That last video is just the cutest! "Mom! Mom, I can't reach it... Mom, help please."


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