Sunday, February 17, 2013

Crazy for Cantaloupe

Melon rind is one of Pinniped's absolute favorite treats.  She gets so excited, she just can't contain herself.

It doesn't matter that her breakfast chard is only half eaten - the sound of cantaloupe being prepared brings Pinni front-and-center.  She doesn't wheek; she just stands at attention behind the grids that are closest to the kitchen, awaiting the melon that must be arriving at any moment.

I'm not sure what captures her attention.  Cutting cantaloupe isn't a particularly noisy task.  It doesn't start with the tell-tale sound of the vegetable drawer in the fridge.  Maybe she smells of the melon all the way from the other room and that's what clues her in.  Regardless, preparing a melon always get Pinni's attention.

Hungry schnoz
It takes a while to cut up a large cantaloupe.  Pinni tries to ignore what's going on in the kitchen and goes back to her chard several times.  But it has lost it's appeal.  I glance over and see her patiently waiting; she lurks by her water bottle.  I finally take pity on the poor pig and cut off a small slice of rind for her to eat.  Oh, joy!  She snatches her prize and runs off to the far corner of her cage to enjoy her favorite treat.


  1. That is so cute :)

  2. What a funny pig. She must have learned that her patience is usually rewarded!


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