Thursday, February 28, 2013

March: Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month

Where did February go?  As we head into March, it's a good time to snuggle up with your guinea pig and celebrate Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month.  Did you know that ASPCA declared March 2002 as the first annual Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month?  It was in an effort to celebrate guinea pigs as pets and to help promote the adoption of pigs who have lost their homes.  I've heard that it's been expanded to include all "pocket pets" - but for me, it's all about the pigs.

My first experience with adopting guinea pigs rather than purchasing them was in December 2003.  I had bought a brand new car just days before adopting Athena and Victoria, and honestly, I remember being more excited about the guinea pigs than I was over the car.  The poor pigs were less than impressed with the car ride to their new home.  I was still breaking in the engine and needed to stay under 60mph.  I decided to avoid the highway and take back roads to get home.  It was long and windy ride, with a lot of sliding and scrambling in the hay-filled cardboard carrier.  Poor frazzled pigs!  Next time I adopted, I remembered to bring my own towel-lined carriers - and to stay off of winding roads.  It made for a more comfortable ride and resulted slightly calmer guinea pigs.

I suspect Pinniped is hoping I will take this message to heart and bring home a new friend for her this month.  She misses having another pig to steal food from and chase around the cage.

If you would like to learn more about the National Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig campaign, please visit

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  1. New car vs newly adopted guinea pigs? I would've been more excited about the pigs too :)


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