Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Boston Spring Pignic 2013

This spring pignic was, in my opinion, one of the best ever.  We couldn't have asked for better weather; it was warm, dry and sunny.  The grass was green and lush.  The Pig Patrol showed up in force.  Tammy came all the way from DC!  We had a nice mix of newbies and old pros and an average-sized crowd:  just over 40 people, and just under 40 guinea pigs.  People trickled in and out most of the afternoon.  It was a relaxing day for everyone. 

Clockwise, upper left:  Ice cream break; pigs going home with grass-coma; full time-out pens;
sows pen; a loafy sow; Pig Patrol clipping nails and doing a health-check

I was so stressed coming into this event, having only moved house the day before.  But it turned out to be a perfect way to spend the day:  outside in beautiful weather, forced to just take it easy, hanging out with friends in familiar surroundings.  Oh, and the guinea pigs.  How can you not relax with so many adorable faces?

Pinniped and Cannoli spent the day at home, much to several pignic-goers' disappointment.  The move had been really stressful for the two of them.  The drive from the old house to the new house was the first time they had been in a carrier together.  Cannoli spent much of the ride trying to snuggle with Pinniped, who would have nothing to do with her.  Cannoli was bit several times as a result.  So although a day in the fresh air and grass might have been just what they needed, the ride to and from Wellesley would have been too much for them.  If all goes well they'll attend the next pignic.

I couldn't do the Pignic without these guys!
Pig Patrol clipped lots of nails (I think we're building up a reputation) and checked pigs for health issues.  Some owners were painfully aware of their elder-piggy's non-contagious ills, and others were somewhat surprised when we suggested a trip to the vet.  We did not have contests, but I did bring my scale and weighed several guinea pigs upon request (and discussed the importance of weighing regularly).  I will need a volunteer to organize and run the contests if we are to have them at future pignics.

I met a member of Bertie's fan club!  Speaking with her made me smile and miss Bertie all at once.  We also had our own local celebrity make an appearance:  Benny, with his wheelchair.  For photos of Benny and other attendees, check out the Facebook Pignic Album  (and more photos here, if they're public).

Although the Time-Out pens were regularly occupied, I do believe we made it through the day without bloodshed.  There was the usual amount of hissy fits and screaming, and a few scuffles.  But people were alert to the situations in the pens and the Dustpan of Doom was required only a few times.  By the end of the day guinea pigs were packed up to go home in various stages of grass-coma.  Always a good sign of a successful pignic.


  1. The "Does Not Play Well With Other Pigs" sign cracks me up every time. Cheers to a successful pignic!

  2. "There was no bloodshed.".

    Because my boys did not go!

    Glad you guys had a good time!


  3. Wish we could be there too. We checked out all the pictures, lots of cuteness!


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