Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love This Oven!

I spent four years in a house with an oven that I hated.  It was so tiny it didn't allow for proper air circulation:  my cookie sheets nearly touched the sides of the oven, and anything placed on the lower rack burned on the bottom.  I tried compensating by changing the temperature and constantly rotating whatever I was baking, but what a pain.

Saturday night I gave the new oven a proper workout.  I made coconut macaroons, zucchini bread and evil bars.  I had multiple things in there at the same time and look!  Everything is baked to perfection.  The macaroons are golden brown, the bread is a uniform color and the evil bars aren't over crisped around the edges.  Of course, if this oven had turned out to be a disappointment, I have two other ovens in this kitchen (is that insane or what?) that are nearly as large.  I'm looking to lots of happy baking in this place.

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