Friday, June 21, 2013

Major Move

We have arrived.  After nearly two weeks of unpacking, the place is starting to look settled.  We still have several boxes of stuff and two rooms that look like a tornado hit.  There's plenty of space, but not enough convenient storage.  So I'm shuffling stuff around as I figure out where it should go, and search for a set of shelves for our books and my teacups.  We'll get there, eventually.

The first day in the new house surrounded by boxes and debris
Pinniped and Cannoli have just started to adjust to the new place.  They were moved in the day before everything else; we thought it would be less stressful.  This was their first trip sharing a carrier.  The half-hour drive was about 28 minutes too long according to both girls.  I had thought that sharing a carrier wouldn't be as scary as traveling alone but I failed to factor in the annoyance level.  Cannoli screamed during much of the trip because she kept invading Pinni's space and Pinni kept biting her.  Two very determined little rodents that weren't taking "no" for an answer.

They calmed down a bit once they were in their travel pen, but overall, I think the new sounds and smells were overwhelming.  Their regular cage was damaged during the move and it took a day or two to find the zip-ties to repair it.  Although they were happier being in their usual cage, I could see they were still confused:  the sunlight was all wrong, the kitchen was on the wrong side of the cage, and the sounds of the great room were so loud.  People walked by the cage all the time!  Panic!

Oddly enough, they calmed right down when I cleaned their cage last weekend.  They were skittish right up to that point, but the routine of being weighed, put on the floor (even though it was a new floor) and then returned to a clean cage put them at ease.  A day or two later, they started begging for morning pepper and wheeking for treats.  See?  The new place is not so bad.

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  1. Hooray, the worst of moving is over! Although it seems Cannoli disagrees, judging by her Pig-On-Alert stance. Hopefully you and the pigs will be unpacked and settled in soon.


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