Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Guinea Pig Adventure

I uncovered The Guinea Pig Adventure during our move.  It was a high school English assignment to write and illustrate a child's storybook.  I can't draw worth beans, but paper cutting was within my skill set and this was the result:

The story was to be an original work and the students had been warned that a copied story would result in a failing grade.  I panicked when my mother came home a few days after I handed this in with a library book featuring nearly the exact same title and plot.  Since then I have seen several guinea pig books with the same basic story.  I guess it's an easy scenario to imagine for anyone who's had pigs.

My book has not aged well.  Much of the construction paper has faded and the paste is showing through.  It's days are numbered - I'm surprised it lasted this long!

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  1. How wonderful that you managed to unearth this! I love the mixed media illustrations. The ending page made me laugh.


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