Monday, January 20, 2014

Balancing Act

We are often startled by a loud scratching and clunk by the front door at random times during the day.  It's the neighborhood squirrel(s) as he scrambles up the window casing and leaps into the feeder.  Bang! 

The near misses include hanging on with one hind foot - sometimes only with a toe or two.  Very entertaining.  It's impressive, too, when he does get in.  The feeder is tiny, meant for titmice, chickadees and the occasional cardinal that squeezes in.  The squirrel manages to sit on one end and balance while he pulls seed from the other edge.  I'm surprised the feeder stays on the window with only one suction cup holding it there.  But it's the only bird feeder around the house that isn't squirrel-proof or really hard to reach.  We always know when he's there:  Scratch!  Thunk!

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