Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peeved Pinniped

A few of peeved Pinni's chew marks
We finally got the medication to treat Pinniped's cysts.  It's a different drug than what I've used before on the cysts, called Cystorelin.  It requires two doses.  Pinni received the second dose last week.  She'll be going to the vet soon for a re-check, to see if the cysts have shrunk.

Pinni's in good spirits, although she's not gaining back weight like I had hoped.  The medication seems to have the odd side effect of making her extremely peeved for a day or two afterwards.  Goodness, she can be destructive enough to rival Bertie.  I covered the raw edges of the cage years ago because of her penchant for scalloping them.  This time, though, Pinni was not deterred.  She pulled the fleece from the ramp to the third level and began chewing the exposed coroplast.  Each time she'd do this, I'd put the fleece back and add another binder clip.  It took three binder clips to finally stop her!  She then started to chew the hay rack itself.  I had no luck luring her away with cardboard tubes.  I had to remove the hay rack for a few days until she cooled off.

She's back to normal, now.  Obviously, I need to discuss this side effect with the vet.  But I'm hoping it's done the trick, as far as the cysts are concerned.


  1. Poor Pinni. Fingers crossed the re-check brings good news!

  2. I'm sorry Pinni doesn't feel well - sending good vibes and well wishes for the re-check!

  3. Good luck with the new meds!
    That's quite a need to chew chew chew! How about hay cubes? Piece of a cardboard box? My piggies have never taken to the wooden toys nor apple twigs, but… ?

    1. When guinea pigs get like this, it's not a need to chew as much as a need to be destructive. I offered her cardboard (her favorite cardboard things to chew) and she just ignored them. I think she knows the coroplast chewing drives me nuts, and that's why she went for that.


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