Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Tunnels

Snug as a bug in a rug
Fleece tunnels are similar to cozies in that they make for a great place to hide in or a comfy bed to sleep on.  However, I find tunnels more versatile than the simple fleece sack.  They're great in high-traffic areas of the cage, because the girls can zoom through them instead of hitting a dead end.  (Or zoom through and then rearrange it, like Bertie used to do.) 

I made my first tunnels a few years ago in three different sizes.  The narrower tunnel was my favorite because it did not collapse in the middle as easily as the wider ones.  All three had boning in the ends to keep them open.  Over time, multiple washings and some taste testing, the long plastic boning began poking through the fabric.  I now need to constantly clip off or pull out the ends of the boning to make sure Pinniped and Cannoli don't chew on them or poke their eyes.  Time for some new tunnels.

I have several cozies that stay open when the edge is rolled over a few times.  I decided to try making a tunnel with rolled edges instead of boning to keep the ends open.  The plan had been to document the steps and write up instructions for this post, but my resulting tunnels are somewhat laughable.

My first tunnel is tiny because I misjudged how much material rolling the ends would take up.  Perhaps it's hamster sized? Or could be used as a hand muff?  It might be fun with baby guinea pigs, but they stay small for such a short time.  If Pinni tried using it, I know her nose would hang out one end and her butt out the other.

My second attempt was more successful, even though I overcompensated for the length of the roll-over (it's a bit long).  I was surprised that the openings seem small, even though the fabric width was the same as my old tunnels.  Cannoli looks like she's in a sleeping bag.

So far this project is shaping up like The Three Bears:  the first was too short, the next was too long and skinny.  When I get around to my third attempt, it will probably be just right.  (Hmm... that may be why I made three tunnels the last time, too!)

All in all, the cuff-style ends look like they may be a viable alternative to boning.  They certainly look comfy. 

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