Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Two for One

Modified neoprene soles and socks
I love contra dancing in my sandasols.  I had a pair that wore out so much that they were no longer comfortable but I hated to just throw them out.  They've been collecting dust in a corner of my closet for a couple of years.  I finally figured out a use for them.

First, I cut off the heel straps and stitched them onto a pair of neoprene half-sole shoes.  The neoprene soles are very comfortable, but never stay on my feet.  It became such a problem I stopped using them several months ago.  I am hoping the straps will keep them in place.  I'll get to try out the new design on Friday. 

Next, I separated the bottom piece of leather from what remained of the sandasols.  I stitched these onto the bottoms of a pair of ragg wool socks I wear around the house all the time.  My last pair fell apart faster than I could darn them.  This solution doesn't help the wear on the heels, but it tends to be the ball of my foot that pokes through first.  Added bonus - they're not quite as slippery on the hard wood floors.

I'm not sure if this is upcycling or just plain recycling.  Regardless, I got two fixes out of one pair of sandasols.  I'll call it a win.

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