Sunday, November 15, 2015

Quick Repair

I hosted a Tea two weeks ago.  It was a chance to catch up with friends, do some show-and-tell and swap ideas.  It was also an opportunity to trade various things (food, books, etc).  I was excited to get Shattered Kites back from the fair and to see the report card that came with it.  (I got nearly full points for design; I'll need to work on my binding and clean-up if I want to place first).  Some of us brought old worn out clothes to donate or recycle.  I added a bag of sewing scraps - all clean mostly-cotton cloth that I couldn't bear just to throw out.  They're off to be stuffed into dog beds, then donated to a shelter.  How awesome that the scraps will get a second life.

I was handed a pair of much-loved denim shopping bags.  The handles were nearly worn through, but the bags themselves were still quite usable.  Could I possibly replace the straps?  Sure!  And what luck - the previous day I pulled out some denim and upholstery scraps from my stash.  I had been wondering what to make with them.  I found two long strips that were perfect as replacements.

The new handles are quite a contrast to the bags.  But everything goes with denim blue. I think they look quite handsome.  I'm confident the handles will now outlast the bags.  My friend may come to a future Tea with nothing but the handles and ask for new bags!

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