Saturday, November 7, 2015

Storing Bobbins

I used to keep extra threaded bobbins in a little tray in my sewing box.  I didn't have many of them, but they kept unraveling.  It was a mess every time I tried to pull out a bobbin and match it to a spool of thread.

I found several organizing ideas online.  My favorite used rubber bands.  I have plenty of those on hand; no need to buy any new gadgets.  Even better, the bobbin stays with the original thread, so when I pull a thread color that I like, I don't have to go searching around for a matching bobbin.

I loop the elastic around the spool in one of two ways.  It depends on the length of the rubber band.  The first step is the same - thread the rubber band through the hole in the bobbin, then thread one end of the rubber band through the loop on the other side.

The short elastics simply get looped around the spool (like the red thread).  Long elastics get wound around the spool, with the one end looped around the bobbin like a toggle button (see the green thread).

I'm finally putting the elastics I get on my asparagus and flowers to good use!   In addition to keeping the bobbin and thread together, the rubber band keeps the bobbin from unraveling.  Win-win all around.


  1. This is great and the price is right!

  2. That looks like a good idea! I recently bought Bobbin Buddies, and they work well too. But your idea - free!

  3. Brilliant! Thank you!

  4. This make SO MUCH SENSE. I've never seen bobbins stored with the spool, but this is one of those ideas that makes a person wonder why this hasn't been "the way we always do it"!


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