Saturday, November 21, 2015

An Armful of Pumpkins

I had bought a couple of sugar pumpkins for autumn decorations.  They're pretty and colorful through October and most of November.  Then I cook them up for pies and cookies.  Decorative and useful - love that.

I roasted them them over the weekend and ended up with a few cups of puree.  It was a dark golden color, had good consistency and a nice flavor.  I wished I had had more pumpkins.

My wish came true on Wednesday.  During a class at the Y, I noticed a basket of sugar pumpkins tucked in the back of room.  They looked as if they were about to be thrown out.  I suspected they had been Halloween decorations.  So I stopped by the front desk and inquired if they needed a home.  They said I could take what I wanted.  I grabbed the best looking ones and walked out with my arms full, trying hard not to drop them.  Serendipity!

Frozen pumpkin puree, ready for baking!
I cooked up the pumpkins on Thursday night and ended up with over 11 cups of puree.  These pumpkins were as nice as the others I prepared.  They're all frozen in 1/2 cup amounts, ready to use.  Mmm....  I've already made a batch of pumpkin bread and tried a new recipe for pumpkin gingersnaps.  Maybe next I'll make these weird pumpkin butterscotch cookies that Rob likes.  Then there's my everyone's favorite pumpkin chocolate chip bars.  Oh, and I promised pie for Thanksgiving.  Yup, I will put these additional pumpkins to good use!

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