Monday, November 2, 2015

Scrappy Table Top

When I finished Summer Seashores, I had a stack of green and melon half triangle squares.  There were just enough to make a small square quilt - a good size for table topper.  Perfect.  I needed one to protect the end table next to the guinea pig cage.

In addition to the stack of half triangle squares, there were a few mini squares trimmed from the same quilt.  And of course there was lots of pebbly tan.  I set the mini squares in the tan border, as well as backed and bound in the tan.

I really liked the pebbly fabric when I bought it - I think it goes great with the greens and blues.  It may have not worked in the summer quilt, but it looks great here!  

Not only was this a fun, quick little project to piece together, I had a chance to try another freemotion design.  It's kind of a paisley/clamshell swirly pattern.  I don't recall where I originally found it - but I doodled it on a lot paper at home.  I have a tendency to quilt tight little patterns, so I have to keep reminding myself to loop larger.  I like the end effect - they're all different sizes, going all different directions. 

And the best part?  Not a single broken needle and I split the thread only once.  It turns out the throat plate that covers my feed dogs had a slightly smaller opening than my normal throat plate - which meant the needle came down really close to the front of the plate.  I filed a little notch at the front of that plate.  So between the slightly larger opening, a slightly smaller needle, and a bit more speed, quilting this was much less traumatic than the snowflake banner.

I've been using up my little mini labels.  This and the banner seemed too small to be worthy of a big label, but enough to slap on my name and a year.

I'm still working on making triangle string blocks and dreaming of what that will eventually become.  I've started cutting some more kites and some hexies.  Then there's Christmas presents I need to get working on.  So much fun stuff to do.  I need more sewing time!


  1. what fun to find guinea pigs, and contra!!! My dh and I met contra dancing 22 years ago, and now live in the greater DC area and get to dance at Glen Echo often. He learned in Amherst when in school, I learned in Tampa! Love love it so. I had to look through your contra posts. Also love perpetual e-motion. They've played at contra stock and other glen echo events. LeeAnna at not afraid of color
    I have some dance posts labeled on my blog too.

  2. That's so pretty! A great use for those bonus HST's. I have a drawer full and am gonna have to attack them at some point.


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