Thursday, February 1, 2018

I Like Thursday: Game Day Additions

Oh, a successful weekend:  a dance on Friday, Game Day on Saturday and most of the drapes repaired on Sunday.  Definitely an "up" week with lots of likes.

I like that I arrived in time for the pre-gaming hike, which is becoming a tradition for Game Day.  There is a wooded area behind the house with trails, a beaver pond and a waterfall.  Or I should say, there was a beaver pond.  The dam broke during the last storm and cleared out the whole pond.  The difference was stunning (wish I had before and after photos - sorry).

However, I do have photos of the little waterfall which had really pretty ice around the edges.  Look how smooth and bubbly they are!  I loved the shape and colors.  It was so smooth and not quite as delicate as the photos make it look

There were crafty people at Game Day as well, and I like that we had an impromptu show-and-tell.  I showed off Mom's quilt.  My sister showed off a watercolor painting of the same little waterfall pictured here.  Her painting is from earlier in the year with lots of lush greens and browns.  Another participant showed off her crochet work - some really pretty stuff.  First was a work in progress of blue-green and cream squares.  She also had a cowl in neutrals.  So soft!  It wasn't quite done - it has little ears on the top now!  How cute is that?  Doesn't it look comfy?

I like the laid-back atmosphere of Game Day.  Turns out we didn't play games much (although we did spend some time with Wild Man!).  It was an afternoon filled with eating and conversation.

Another attraction at Game Day:  PiPurr.  I like him; he's such a wuzzy cat.

When we stayed in Peterborough, Rob was entertained by the various Totoro paraphernalia in our room.  Neither one of us had seen My Neighbor Totoro - so we watched it the other night.  What fun.  I liked the little girls.  Rob chuckled at their outbursts.  We both loved the cat-bus!  Such a simple story, but so nicely done.

Speaking of Rob... I found this note in the freezer the other day on a container of Evil Bars (earmarked for a friend of mine).  Aww... how sweet of him.  Then I got a little suspicious; I moved the note and behold!  two missing bars.  He certainly makes me laugh - gotta love that.

Of course, I like the progress I've made with the drapes.  Woo-hoo!  I've completed the repairs I was asked to do.  I was given an extra puzzle of how to reinforce the bottom corner of a few drapes.  Then they're ready to ship out this weekend.  As always, I am so happy to see them go out the door!

A stunning end to January!  Be sure to check out what good things others are finding in their lives over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.


  1. LOL @ Rob's notes on your Evil Bars. Speaking of which, what are Evil Bars? I found one recipe for choc. chip cookies with butterscotch chips and oatmeal. It's neat you have crafty people for game night, sounds like a blast! Have a great week!

  2. Hi Sally,
    HAHA - that note was the perfect size to hide the missing bars. heehee He's a clever guy! I had to giggle at the cat in the sink, too. Gotta love that! I really love that cowl - it looks so nice and warm, and now with little ears?! It has to be adorbs. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. How resourceful of Rob. The note was great made me laugh. The cat in the sink is great too. The waterfall, ice, cowl so many neat things this week.

  4. If they are evil bars, they MUST be good! I'm with Rob - grab one out of the freezer and hope no one else notices. :) Game Day sounds like fun, whether games are played or not!

  5. I had to look up Totoro, as I never heard of it. My son used to watch some anime stuff years ago as a teen. Some of it I just couldn't understand, even though he tried to explain it.

  6. That note!!!
    Your burbly ice pictures look very familiar - I took dozens of photographs of a stream and ice last Saturday, all in one short section of streambank. It's just captivating, isn't it? If I had brought my sketching chair I would have stayed even longer. There will be a blogpost entirely of ice pictures soon, if I can ever narrow down my choices. I love just about all of them.

  7. games, love, dream bars and husbands who snitch them, love.

  8. Our family LOVES Totoro - I have a Totoro plushie in progress for my daughter.

  9. Hi there...lovely likes and a great end to January. Like Michele, I want to know what are evil bars? You know there is no such thing as bad food, right..LOL.


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