Saturday, February 10, 2018

Two Test Blocks

You don't know how excited I am to finally start this project.  I'm a little nervous, too.  Now I'll find out if my vision will survive implementation.  I did a couple of test blocks this week:  block sizes are correct, color layout is good.  I used a couple of fabrics we weren't sure about - one if fine, the other jumps a bit (and if you can't guess which is which, even better).  I'll probably throw in a few squares of those, just to give the quilt a bit more diversity.  I have four medium-brown fabrics that passed inspection and I'll use a lot of them.

Espresso cornerstones vs. blue cornerstones

I was all set to start cutting the espresso cornerstones when I stumbled across a photo that made me think blue cornerstones would be nice.  I only have enough blue to do the blocks (I wanted to buy a third fat quarter, but I bought the very last two they had - there is no more!).  I tried out some blue in my stash, but it doesn't really go with the blue in the quilt.  Although there's not enough blue for a full set of cornerstones, there may be enough for a mix:  most cornerstones in espresso, and a line or two in with leftover blue.  That may look really neat.  I'll try that out when I have all my blocks done.

I was amused after I brought home the fabric for this quilt, that it's essentially brown and blue - the same colors as Sunshine.  Not my intent - on the other hand, I know they'll look great together!  I'm busy cutting squares in the hopes of getting some serious stitching done over the weekend.

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  1. These blocks look fabulous when placed together, Sally. I am loving the blue cornerstones. =)

  2. I love browns - they enhance so many other colors. but nice alone, too! I'm knitting another pair of brown socks right now - yarn dyed with black walnut hulls.

  3. Wow! Such beautiful piecing! That pattern is so lovely! It will be beautiful!

  4. Hi Sally,
    What is the name of this block or your quilt-to-be? Or maybe you haven't named it yet. I really love the blue - too darn bad you don't have enough of it. It will still look lovely with just a bit of it included. I'll be happy to watch this come together! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. Beautiful blocks! I always love a combination of blue and brown!


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