Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is It Random Enough?

The curious thing about random quilts is that they're not really random.  When I first arranged my disappearing nine patch blocks I had a lot like this one:  three of one fabric, two of another.  I really wanted to have no more than one repeat of any given fabric (even better if I could get no repeats at all).  It can be a lot of work to "randomize" a scrappy quilt.

I managed to get all the browns spread out to my liking, although one block snuck through very similar to this one.  I didn't even see it until I ironed the finished block:  three of the same light grey strips.  Right next to each other, too!  Oh, well.  Even knowing it's there, I have to hunt for it.  I was not about to rip it out then search for a swapable square.

This may be the last progress post for a while.  The recipient knows what I picked for a pattern and fabric, but I want there to be some surprise.  The top is complete.  I hope to sandwich it by the end of the week, intending to have it quilted by the end of the month.  Wouldn't that be nice?

I'm at the stupid worry stage:  Is it big enough for a throw quilt?   (I compared it to my favorite afghan - same size.)  Does the binding color work?  (That was a late night panic that I should have picked something dark to blend the espresso/blue squares.  Did a quick audition - hated it.  Original choice is still the best!)  Will they like it?  (Oh, I hope so, but people who have seen parts of it think it's pretty.)  And my stitch length changed from 15 to 10 stitches per inch at some point while piecing.  Hmph.  I'm sure that will be fine, too.  At least I noticed to flip it back.

I need to stop worrying.  And... that's easier said than done.  I trying a new all-over free motion pattern.  Eek!

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  1. Stop worrying, Sally; the recipient is going to love this quilt. It looks amazing. It is funny how a lot of thought goes into random quilts, isn't it. An all-over free motion quilting pattern sounds perfect. You will do just fine.


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