Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Like Thursday: Lounging

This week's likes has links, but I finished writing it and there were no photos.  Sorry.  So I'll start with this, just to give you something cute:  Wedgwood and Mabel hanging out.  Gotta like that foot sticking out.

I like the recent weather.  It's been so nice to throw open the doors and windows again without melting. 

I have been enjoying A Series of Unfortunate Events.  It's based on a kids series, that I read part of (for whatever reason).  Neil Patrick Harris is an entertaining Count Olaf.  The settings are quirky - kind of reminds me of Pushing Daisies.

Speaking of TV Shows:  I like that Endeavor is back on Masterpiece.  And the Doctor Blake Mysteries are running on PBS, too.  Season three of The Tunnel is back, but we haven't started watching that.  Last season was a bit over-the-top and we're afraid to see what they've come back with this season.

I like that I'm down to binding my quilt.  I've even come up with a name for it.  I hope to be able to show you it soon.

I like burpees.  Yeah, kind of strange.  I picked them up for a monthly exercise challenge in June.  I started late in the month, so I'm continuing through July.  I'm not fond of lifting weights, but was concerned about bone density and muscle mass.  So I gave this a go.  I worked myself up to three sets of 12, five or six days a week.  Quick.  Intense.  I'm starting to see some results (like I'm not dying on the last rep).  Go me!

Sharing with Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  I promise there will be photos next week!


  1. Cute little animals, enjoying a nap ;)

  2. I love that your guinea pigs like hammocks! I wouldn't have known about that if it weren't for enjoying what you share about them on your blog! Thanks for the show recommendations - I'll check them out. Looking forward to seeing your latest quilt finish, too!

  3. that widdle foot. She's like a 1940's starlet posing, one foot at an angle.

  4. Sally!! That picture is adorable - that little foot hanging out. What a rebel! Congrats on the burpees! That sounds fabulous. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. How relaxed Mabel looks. Burpees are good! I too like watching the Doctor Blake Mysteries.

  6. Little ones are so cute especially viewed just hanging out like that.
    We loved Endeavor and sometime will get to catch up. I will look up burpees!But yeah to working your muscles.


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