Thursday, January 31, 2019

I Like Thursday: Digging Out

I lost a week, somehow.  Even now, I have another blog post half written that I just don't seem to have the time to finish.  Nuts.  But I am in a much happier place that I was last week.  Huzzah!

I was thrilled to make it to the Peterborough Snow Ball on Saturday.  (Certainly helped improve my mood.)  I made it through most of nine hours of dancing.  It was a small crowd to begin with (this was the first dance of the day), but it was packed by 4pm.  Accidentally had my camera set to black and white - so this is an artsy-fartsy shot. 

Awesome music.  Great calling.  Lots of lovely partners to dance with.  A new floor (such a pretty shade of blonde).  I had a fun day.

I also got a surprise gift in the mail. Whee!  An adorable tote bag with rabbits and guinea pigs enjoying a picnic, and a new guinea pig cozy.  Hard to say who's going to enjoy that best.

I have some great friends (and family!).  They keep me going when things are rough.

I have finished the latest acoustical drape modifications and they are slated to head out this weekend.  Because I was unable to meet up with my sister last week, it means I have a week or two to play with my own sewing project before gearing up for the next quilt.  Oh, not sure what to start with!

I'm so glad to be back on track with this week's I Like Thursday.  Be sure to check out the other likes over at Not Afraid of Color. 


  1. It sounds as if you are very busy. The dance does look like a whole lot of fun. Fabulous photo.

  2. Love that black and white photo! Have fun sewing and have a great week!

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better but I'm sorry you've been having a rough time! I relate to the mysterious disappearance of time (and energy)...have lost days and days lately, and am way behind on everything except keeping body and soul together for all parties here. I hope Mabel is still doing well :)

  4. Glad this week is getting better for you! The dance sounds like fun, and also the happy mail. Have a good rest of the week, Sally!

  5. From your past posts...I can't believe the trouble two little tiny souls can give you...they do look so innocent and adorable.
    Great shot of all the swinging skirts there. Glad this week is going much better than last. I just can't imagine sewing drapes!

  6. the dance hall looks terrific... fun and yes, beautiful floor. Great tote!!!

  7. In B&W, your photo reminds me of photos of high school sock hops. :-) Everyone looks gleeful. My kind of scene.


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