Tuesday, June 11, 2019

NYB Goosed B Blocks

The original B blocks looked so bland next to all the other NYB blocks I've made.  Plus I didn't like how a couple of them were pieced together.  I decided to jazz them up with some mini geese by modifying the inside strips of the E block to replace the plain B block center.

I didn't like the yellow on yellow on the first block, so I replaced the rays with rusty red, then replaced the center to match.  The second block retained its original oranges and blue with only a row of geese added to it.  I decided the last block would require too much rework, so I left it intact (lower left).  The last block was created from scratch.

These geese were tougher than the others I did.  Too much ironing caused part of the freezer paper to permanently adhere to the fabric.  I had to soak and pick it off.  I was careful after that.  The seams were thick and the whole piece was prone to shifting.  I'm glad it wasn't any smaller!  I don't think I'd attempt this with the 8-inch pattern.  I love how they look, though.  Well worth the trouble.

That's it!  All 46 (plus one) blocks completed.  It's time to start laying this quilt out.  Not sure how that will go, in the middle of packing house.  We'll see!

I stitched all the photos of the blocks together, in the order I assembled them (some blocks are shown more than once - most lower left corners are a repeat of the prior block finished).  But look at them!

Wowza, sister, I'm not sure either one of us imagined how this could look.  I'm pretty excited!

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  1. Awesome! This is so beautiful.

  2. Wowzas.....indeed!! Each and every block is awesome, Sally. I too, think the replacement of the yellow to rust is the perfect choice. I cannot imagine the work and decisions that have gone into this quilt. I cannot wait to see the final reveal.

  3. Sally, those blocks really are awesome! So many wonderful details! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how you finish this.

  4. These blocks are great, this is going to be a beautiful quilt!

  5. WOW and WOW and WOW! Love that addition to the block and all of them are amazing!!!

  6. Those blocks are sure to make for a magnificent quilt!!


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