Thursday, July 4, 2019

I Like Thursday: Happy July 4th

Mabel worries I'll steal her lettuce
Another week of chaos.  There's packing, contacting various businesses to start or end utilities, researching, whatever.  And Mabel has required trips to the vet nearly every other day for treatment (isn't she cute with the purple bandage?  it was green before).  Ugh.


I'm happy that the boxes in the house are piling up.  The more stacked boxes, the less there is to pack. 

The Goodwill pile is growing too.  That goes on Saturday - I will have a clean spot ready to amass more boxes.

The Rehoboth dance will be too far away to attend regularly.  It's been kind of tough the last few dances realizing I won't see these people every two weeks.  I may be sad about leaving, but it has been wonderful to know people will miss me.  I feel the love.  I am so lucky.

I'm also lucky to be moving where there will be tons of dancing.  So it's not like I'll miss that - just my regular partners.

Speaking of dance partners - one has been requesting Rainy Night in Montague at each Rehoboth dance after he found out that I'm moving.  Wanna take a guess the name of the town I'm moving to?  I knew the tune, never knew its name.  Now I do!

I like the Apricot Balsamic Chicken recipe I tried this week (sorry, no photo - we ate it all!).  Technically I made Peach Balsamic Chicken (oops, wrong jam) and I wilted the arugula because Rob wrinkled his nose at eating it raw.  Very easy to make and quite tasty.  It has been added to my

Obviously my world view has narrowed this week, and therefore my likes.  I suspect next week may be a little lean, too.  There's much better likes over at Not Afraid of Color's I Like Thursday.  Head over there for fun photos and good things.


  1. Good luck with your packing and upcoming move. Same things going on here! Although currently it just feels like chaos has descended. I hope Mabel keeps improving.

  2. Mabel sporting such a colourful bandage is so cute...but hope she is all healed soon.
    You are on top of it all it sounds. So glad dancing is still in your future!
    Happy July 4th to you both.

  3. I read your post about Mabel the other day - so sorry to hear about her many trips to the vet. Making progress with packing and all the details involved in moving is a good thing to celebrate - glad you have lots of dancing to look forward to!

  4. I hope Mabel feels better soon. I love the bright bandage! Good luck on your move. It sounds like you've got the packing under control. Happy 4th of July!

  5. Mabel's little cast is so tiny.... I hope she's up and wheeking soon! Is she still enjoying bell peppers? I know the chaos you're in at the moment. Lucky you to still be near dances, and you'll visit Rehobeth now and then still. Moving is like a review of your values, what to keep and what to let go of. LeeAnna

  6. Mabel really has her eye on you :)
    Glad things are going along well - I don't envy you the packing/sorting process, but it will feel GREAT when it's all done!

  7. Keeping Mabel in our prayers. I know how stressful moving is and hope you are doing okay. So far so good, right? Thinking of you all!

  8. Oh poor Mabel and her bumblefoot. Enjoy the packing and what a great time to get rid of things to move.

  9. Moving is complex and very tiring, but it is usually worth it. Glad to see Mabel wearing my favorite color!


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