Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Paper Bag Nesting

I've been providing Mabel with paper bags to vent her frustration.  It's interesting how every guinea pig has a different approach to destroying a paper bag.  Some like to chew the folded edges.  Others like to pull apart the corners.  Mabel likes to rip long strips rather than just chew a hole in one spot.  The hay is tasty, too, but the bag is so much fun to pull apart.

Mabel opened up the last one and used it like a cuddle cup.  This is what a nesting guinea pig looks like.

We had a crisis a week ago - two days of subcues suddenly caused her lungs to fill.  She had a terrible time breathing and we made an emergency trip to the vet.  Typical guinea pig - Mabel was breathing fine by the time the vet saw her.  I had stopped giving her fluids as soon as she started to sound funny, and the extra fluid must have cleared her system by the time we arrived.  <sigh>

So - no more fluids.  Heart meds, instead.  We're wondering if all the problems she's been having is rooted in heart disease?

Mabel had a few good days, but then her front paw started to swell.  Turned out to be bumblefoot.  We have no idea how she managed to do that.  It's ugly.  Poor Mabel is on antibiotics again.  We're back to the vet every couple of days to have her foot treated and re-wrapped.  Both the vet and I are hoping we can get it under control before the move so I can treat it myself until I find a new vet out west.

Things are never simple!


  1. I didn't know cavies can get bumblefoot! Poor Mabel. Just a nice little pig, trying to enjoy life and keep the world safe from paper bags. I hope the foot clears up quickly and she feels tip-top in time for the big move!

  2. Oh, Sally, you have the heart and patience of a saint. Trips to the vet are not for the faint of heart or those with a scant pocketbook! Mabel has a hero in you. Love the pictures of the deconstructed bag - maybe I should start tearing up paper bags when I am frustrated!

  3. Could the sudden fluid retention and general unwellness lean toward congestive heart failure? Fluid managed with diuretics? Hope she feels better soon.

    1. We are certainly leaning towards heart disease and congestive heart failure. She's breathing easier so we're not going with diuretics at this point, but she's on a drug to help the blood flow easier.


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